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STM32 I2S ADC DMA & Double Buffering - Digital Audio Processing with STM32 #4 - Phil's Lab #55

How to set up firmware for I2S with DMA, ADCs with DMA triggered at a fixed sample rate by timers, basic driver for the audio codec, and how to efficiently process audio data using double buffering. "Pre-cursor" to previous videos on real-time digital processing (DSP) of audio data using an STM32 microcontroller in C on custom audio-processing hardware.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:31Hardware Overview
  • 03:15STM32CubeIDE Project, Pinout, and Clock
  • 07:06I2S and DMA Set-Up
  • 11:35Double Buffering
  • 12:31Implementation (I2S + DMA, Double Buffering)
  • 19:47Codec Set-Up (I2C)
  • 23:51ADC + DMA + Timer
  • 29:30Outro