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Starting with OrCAD and Cadence Allegro PCB – Tutorial for Beginners

For everyone who would like to learn how to start with OrCad and Cadence Allegro PCB.

You will create a simple LED circuit. The course videos are step-by-step and even if you are new in electronics or you have never used OrCAD or Allegro before, by repeating these steps, you will design your board. By the end of this course, you will learn all the most essential information to be able to start using and discovering Cadence by yourself.

Within 1 hour you will learn how to:
  • Draw schematic
  • Create and update schematic symbols
  • Create and update footprints
  • Place components into your PCB
  • Route simple PCB
  • Print from PCB and schematic
  • Create Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Generate Gerbers and Drill file
  • 00:00Introduction: What you are going to learn
  • 02:35Starting a new project
  • 03:56Creating Resistor Symbol
  • 06:01Creating LED Symbol
  • 08:35Creating Connector Symbol
  • 09:19Creating Through hole pad
  • 11:35Creating SMD pad
  • 13:18Creating VIA
  • 14:19Creating Resistor Footprint
  • 16:12Creating Footprint for LED
  • 17:31Creating Connector Footprint
  • 18:54Assign footprints to symbols
  • 19:57Placing components and Drawing Schematic
  • 23:14Annotating Schematic
  • 24:28How to update symbol ans sync schematic
  • 26:55Generating Netlist
  • 27:48Starting New PCB
  • 29:10Placing components in PCB
  • 31:10Creating Board Outline
  • 32:11Setting up Rules
  • 34:45Doing Layout
  • 37:36Adding Text
  • 40:39Moving tracks and placing components on the bottom layer
  • 41:48Working with Layers and Views
  • 47:16How to sync changes in PADs and Footprints with PCB
  • 52:25Adjusting LED Footprint
  • 56:11Checking DRC and Generating Gerbers
  • 1:00:10Generating Drill File
  • 1:01:19Printing Layers
  • 1:02:20Generating BOM, Printing Schematic