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Solid-State Power Amplifier Design for Guitar - Phil's Lab #12

Tutorial on how to design a custom 10W solid-state power amplifier for audio (guitar, in particular). Explanation and derivation of a three-stage, analogue power amplifier using a single DC supply (+24V). Includes schematics of long-tailed pair, class A amplifier and biasing stage, and output stage.
  • 00:00Guitar Solo (Steel Panther - If You Really Really Love Me)
  • 00:47Amplifer Block Diagram
  • 01:58Full Power Amplifier Schematic and Overview
  • 02:36Long-Tailed Pair (Differencing Amplifier)
  • 04:31Class A Amplifier and Biasing
  • 06:24Output Stage
  • 08:54KiCad Layout (Overview)