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Schematic Tips & Tricks - Phil's Lab #62

Schematic tips and tricks to improve legibility, clarity, and usefulness. Tool-independent techniques but shown in Altium Designer, as well as showing things not do featuring a ´commercial´ schematic.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:55Sectioning
  • 02:35Title Block
  • 03:14Text and Calculations
  • 04:17Symbols
  • 05:20Crossings
  • 06:17Net Labels
  • 07:02Horizontal Text
  • 07:19Power and Ground Direction
  • 07:38Junctions
  • 08:20Overlapping Text
  • 08:38Component Order and Placement
  • 10:22Colours
  • 10:56Annotation
  • 11:26What not to do...