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Recursive RMS (STM32 Implementation) - Phil's Lab #103

Real-time, software implementation of a recursive moving root mean square filter/estimator. Including basic theory, derivation, C code, and tests.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:13Demo DSP PCB
  • 01:23What We´ll Cover
  • 01:44Why RMS?
  • 03:01RMS Basics
  • 03:35RMS Demo
  • 05:51Discrete-Time Moving RMS
  • 08:01Recursive DT Moving RMS
  • 09:52MATLAB Demo (Window Length)
  • 12:38C Header File (Implementation)
  • 14:28C Source File (Implementation)
  • 16:05main.c (Implementation)
  • 17:37Test Set-Up
  • 18:12Real-Time Test
  • 20:51Outro