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QA403 Audio Analyzer Tutorial (Noise, SNR, THD+N, ...) - Phil's Lab #130

How to measure noise floor, signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion, frequency response, and more of an audio electronic system using the QA403 audio analyzer.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:16QA403 Overview
  • 03:02Hardware Overview
  • 04:12Firmware Configuration
  • 05:26Test Set-Up
  • 06:14QA40x Software
  • 08:40RMS dBV dBu
  • 10:37Noise Floor
  • 13:56Common Reference
  • 14:51Noise Floor (continued)
  • 16:14SNR
  • 19:59Frequency Response
  • 22:24THD+N
  • 26:04Automated Tests
  • 27:03Weighting
  • 29:48Outro