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PCB Stack-Up and Build-Up - Phil's Lab #56

What a PCB is made of (build-up), determining a suitable build-up, and manufacturer/manufacturing considerations. Second part of video discusses how to choose a suitable stack-up for your PCB design (i.e. what sequence of layers you should assign (GND/PWR/SIG)) for signal integrity, EMI, etc.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:27Build-Up Basics
  • 01:58Layer Count
  • 02:50Prepreg
  • 03:40Core
  • 04:18Copper Foil
  • 05:21Manufacturability
  • 06:36Example Manufacturer Build-Up
  • 07:23Example Controlled Impedance Suggestion
  • 07:49Altium Designer Layer Stack Manager & Impedance Set-Up
  • 09:13PCB Manufacturer Build-Up Section
  • 09:56Stack-Up Basics
  • 10:57Layer Types
  • 12:09"Golden Rules" for Determining Stack-Up
  • 13:18Goal: Prevent Fields from Spreading
  • 13:58Adjacent PWR + GND Layers
  • 14:34Improving a 4-Layer Stack-Up
  • 17:05Return/Transfer Vias
  • 17:49Additional Stack-Up Tips
  • 18:55Good Multi-Layer Stack-Ups
  • 19:51Rick Hartley Video