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PCB Design for EMI & SI - Phil's Lab #64

Tips and best practices for designing PCBs with respect to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and signal integrity (SI). Covering fields & energy, frequency in the digital domain, rise & fall times from IBIS models, critical lengths, stack-up, traces and termination, vias, reference planes, and separation.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:55JLCPCB & Git Repo
  • 01:15Signals, Energy, and Fields
  • 02:02Microstrip and Stripline
  • 02:49Frequency in the Digital Domain
  • 03:34Highest Frequency of Concern
  • 04:08Rise/Fall Times from IBIS Models
  • 08:19How do we Control EMI/SI?
  • 09:20Stackup
  • 12:00Traces and Termination
  • 13:21Critical Length
  • 14:47Vias
  • 16:08Reference Planes
  • 17:33Separation