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PCB Antenna - How To Design, Measure And Tune

If you have a PCB antenna on your board, you need to know this. Thank you very much Kaja Sørbotten from Nordic Semiconductor.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 03:53Starting PCB antenna design (example nRF5340)
  • 09:18Where to get information about antenna dimensions
  • 11:59Antenna components and connection
  • 18:24Antenna and component placement
  • 22:29What is important in antenna PCB layout
  • 27:18AppCAD calculator
  • 31:41Common mistakes in PCB antenna designs
  • 39:27Measuring antenna output from the chip
  • 43:20Carrier frequency adjustment
  • 50:58Measuring output power and harmonics
  • 59:10Antenna output with matching components populated
  • 1:02:47Matching the antenna input
  • 1:09:44Calibrating cable
  • 1:15:06Measuring an antenna
  • 1:16:55Finding out capacitor value for antenna matching
  • 1:23:08Adjusting antenna length and measuring it
  • 1:27:52Done