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How Can You Measure DDR Memories? (DDR5 / DDR4 / DDR3)

Explains how to connect an oscilloscope to DDR bus, what signals to measure and what to look for. Thank you very much Randy White from Keysight.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:29The setup
  • 04:25Bit error ratio tester
  • 12:15Probing DDR5 / DDR4 / DDR3 memory signals
  • 19:43What software to run during DDR memory testing
  • 23:07Connecting and setting up oscilloscope to measure DDR memories
  • 37:15Interposer effects, equalization and de-embedding
  • 46:36Recognizing read and write cycles
  • 52:56Equalization in oscilloscope
  • 58:04Measuring and verifying DDR5 signals
  • 1:12:40Starting the automated test