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Notch Filters - Digital Audio Processing with STM32 #2 - Phil's Lab #49

Real-time digital processing (DSP) of audio data using an STM32 microcontroller in C on custom audio-processing hardware. Second video in series, covering notch filter basics, software implementation with variable filter parameters, and a live demo with an electric guitar.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:48Previous Video and PCB Overview
  • 02:21Hardware Overview
  • 02:48Notch Filter Theory Recap
  • 05:59Code Overview (STM32CubeIDE)
  • 06:30Notch Filter Header
  • 07:42Notch Filter Source
  • 09:10main.c
  • 09:44Variable Filter Parameters
  • 10:39Test Set-Up Overview
  • 11:40Live Filter Analysis (Frequency- and Time-Domain)
  • 15:39Live Guitar Demo