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Noise Gate - DSP with STM32 - Phil's Lab #58

Audio noise gate theory and real-time implementation on an STM32 microcontroller in C. Basic (threshold) vs advanced noise gate (threshold + attack + release + hold), analysis in time domain, tests using Digilent ADP3450 to see influence of noise gate parameters on signals. Live guitar demos.
  • 00:00Guitar Demo
  • 00:18Introduction
  • 02:23Noise Gate Theory
  • 04:55Basic Noise Gate Implementation (STM32CubeIDE)
  • 05:54Basic Noise Gate Live Tests (Digilent Waveforms)
  • 07:27Basic Noise Gate Guitar Demo
  • 07:38Noise Gate Improvements (Advanced Noise Gate)
  • 13:00Advanced Noise Gate Implementation (STM32CubeIDE)
  • 18:37Advanced Noise Gate Live Tests (Digilent Waveforms)
  • 21:05Advanced Noise Gate Guitar Demo