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Need To Know This About PCB Materials

Should you use a special PCB material? Maybe ...
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:40Loss in PCB vs. signal shape
  • 09:10Materials used in PCBs
  • 15:34How to decide which material to use?
  • 17:26Why do there are losses in PCB dielectric?
  • 21:48Why 2.45GHz is in microwave#
  • 23:04Loss factor
  • 26:27Filler
  • 28:36PTFE - Teflon
  • 34:29Using special material on selected layers only
  • 37:14Structure of materials in PCB and its effect on signal
  • 49:28Dielectric constant
  • 52:46Losses in copper - skin effect
  • 1:05:01What Alun does
  • 1:08:48Tolerances in PCB
  • 1:14:43Dielectric constant vs. trace width
  • 1:17:48PCB materials in FLEX