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10 Tips for Analog & Mixed & OP Amp Designs

What to consider when designing boards with analog, digital and op amps.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:28Floor plan - component placement
  • 04:55Return current
  • 06:24Crosstalk vs. height
  • 07:18Crosstalk vs length, spacing and thickness
  • 10:41Split planes, analog and digital grounds
  • 14:29Slot / split in reference plane
  • 18:22OP amp layout example
  • 20:25Decoupling
  • 26:48Electrical overstress
  • 30:10TVS diode protection
  • 37:25Component specification
  • 42:06Common mode noise rejection
  • 46:34Power supply noise rejection
  • 49:30Simulations
  • 1:02:36Measurements - don't rely upon them
  • 1:05:51Measure with oscilloscope
  • 1:08:09Clean your boards
  • 1:09:21If it works, maybe fix it
  • 1:12:48Use evaluation modules
  • 1:17:45Real example: Common mode noise rejection
  • 1:20:58Real example: Power supply noise rejection