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Modelling of Dynamical Systems - Control System Design 2/6 - Phil's Lab #8

Mathematical modelling of a real-world, dynamical system (balanced aeropendulum) and actuators. From moment balances, to differential equations, to transfer functions, and more! Includes practical aspects with regards to control system design, such as sensor and DAC models.

This series covers all aspects of control system design, all the way from theory to the final, real-world implementation. This includes: mathematical modelling of dynamic systems, parameter estimation, theoretical controller design with practical considerations, simulation in software (Matlab and custom simulator written in Unity), and implementation in the real world (mechanical, electrical, and software).
  • 00:17Planetary Pendulum
  • 01:49Mathematical Model of the System Dynamics
  • 02:05Freebody Diagram
  • 03:05Free Body Diagram of the Balanced Error Pendulum
  • 04:22Sum the Moments of the Freebody Diagram
  • 04:46Moment Balance
  • 06:03Calculate the Parameters of the System
  • 06:54The Friction Coefficient
  • 07:18Convert the Differential Equation into a Transfer Function
  • 09:09Propeller Modeling
  • 10:37Sensor Model