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Mixed-Signal Hardware Design Overview | Audio SoM | STM32 & Altium - Phil's Lab #45

Overview and guidelines for mixed-signal hardware and PCB design, looking at an audio processing ´System-on-Module´ (SoM) containing an STM32H7 microcontroller, audio codec, and SD card.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:59Mixed-Signal Hardware Design Course with KiCad
  • 02:07Board Overview
  • 04:50Schematic - Power Supplies
  • 06:23Schematic - Microcontroller and Peripherals
  • 11:16Schematic - Audio Codec
  • 12:12Schematic - Mezzanine Connectors
  • 13:23PCB Design (SoM)
  • 17:20Daughter Board (Carrier)
  • 18:04Course