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Machine Learning Explained: Teaching A Robot To Walk Tutorial

Machine learning explained for everyone. Thank you very much Sergiy Nesterenko
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 02:47What we will use to recognize handwriting
  • 08:05Handwriting recognition tutorial
  • 32:35Creating the neural network
  • 48:45Uploading data model to our hardware
  • 55:41Handwriting model demonstration
  • 1:01:06Reinforcement learning
  • 1:11:35Using Brax to simulate robot
  • 1:19:45Setting up Brax for our robot
  • 1:32:30IT WORKS! Walking robot
  • 1:33:19How neural networks work
  • 1:38:44Supervised learning
  • 1:57:15Training a simple neural network
  • 2:12:27Activation functions, overfitting and dropout
  • 2:20:371 layer vs multiple layers
  • 2:24:10Reinforcement learning
  • 2:40:57What Sergiy does