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How To Select and Place ESD Components To Protect Your Boards?

Explained how ESD protection works and how to choose the correct one for your PCBs. Thank you very much Andreas Hardock
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 01:46Chip level vs. board level ESD protection
  • 03:04Is 8kV ESD protection enough?
  • 05:38Human Body Model
  • 06:51System Level ESD Standards
  • 09:15ESD tests
  • 12:45Direct discharge
  • 14:18Indirect discharge
  • 16:15Air discharge
  • 18:33How to choose the correct ESD protection component
  • 20:38Capacitance vs. datarate
  • 22:23Protection voltage
  • 27:15Reverse standoff voltage, breakdown, clamping, trigger, holding
  • 29:28Snap back vs. Zener
  • 33:25Where to place ESD protection
  • 38:50Comparing 3 different ESD protection placements
  • 43:08Simulating ESD event and protection
  • 44:19ESD event vs. data transmission simulations
  • 49:00Signal integrity simulations with ESD
  • 50:16Time domain reflectometry (TDR) in ESD simulations
  • 51:25ESD protection vs. eye diagrams vs. package
  • 59:59ESD damage on the chip
  • 1:02:06Modern snap-back ESD protection
  • 1:03:34S-parameters
  • 1:07:14External ESD vs. on-chip ESD
  • 1:12:08How to find a specific ESD protection component