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KiCad STM32 Hardware Design - An Overview in 20 Minutes - Phil's Lab #15

Overview of how to design simple, 2-layer, STM32-based hardware (PCBs) in KiCad - covering the main aspects in roughly 20 minutes! A very reduced version of the ´original´ 3hr videos. Essentially, a bread-board friendly STM32F1 breakout board with USB power - very similar to Blue Pill modules.

Going through schematic design (power, STM32, crystal, USB, etc.), layout and routing, and ordering via JLCPCB for PCB manufacture and assembly.
  • 00:00Thank you and PCB Design Course Survey
  • 00:47PCB Overview
  • 01:00Part Selection
  • 01:32Schematic Overview
  • 01:58USB Power and LDO Regulator
  • 03:31STM32F1 Microcontroller
  • 05:05STM32 Decoupling Capacitors
  • 06:33NRST and BOOT0 Pins
  • 07:43Crystal Oscillator (HSE)
  • 09:07USB Data Pins (+ External Pull-Up)
  • 09:53Serial Wire Debug (SWD)
  • 10:30GPIO Header Connectors
  • 11:08Annotation and ERC
  • 11:56Footprint Selection
  • 12:21PCB Layout and Sectioning Overview
  • 12:573D Viewer
  • 13:15Power Section and Routing Power Traces
  • 14:18STM32 Layout and Routing (Decoupling caps, crystal, etc.)
  • 15:20Vias (Connections to Ground Plane)
  • 16:19Differential Pair Routing (USB)
  • 17:08Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • 17:24Silkscreen (Text, Designators, Component Orientation Indicators)
  • 18:24Hiding JLCPCB Serial Number
  • 18:52Exporting Manufacturing and Assembly Files (Gerber, Pick and Place, BOM)
  • 20:10Ordering PCBs with Assembly at JLCPCB.com