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i.MX6 Module Layout – Complete PCB Routing [Timelapse Video]

This video shows complete layout process of a module based on iMX6 Freescale CPU.
  • 00:08Memory fanouts
  • 00:11Processor fanouts, component placement under CPU
  • 00:16Two data banks of DDR3 are routed
  • 00:25Clocks, Command & Control signals of DDR3 are routed
  • 00:29Other two data banks of DDR3 are routed
  • 00:34CPU fanout, Ethernet fanout
  • 00:39HDMI routing
  • 00:41Connecting Ethernet and the top connector (UART, SD, USB, …)
  • 00:54Connecting the bottom connector (LVDS, PCIE, SATA, …)
  • 01:10Length matching
  • 01:25Creating Power planes