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How to measure DDR4 memories

How to probe DDR4 memory signals, what to look for on the oscilloscope and how to run DDR4 compliance tests. Thank you very much to Maurizio Mastrofini and Teledyne LeCroy
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:36Connecting probes to DDR4 signals and about interposers
  • 06:31Virtual probes - models and mathematics in oscilloscope
  • 22:20How to measure DDR4 signals, dumping resistors, probes
  • 30:04What DDR4 signals to measure
  • 32:21How to identify DDR4 Read and Write cycles
  • 39:22Real DDR4 measurement (Live), Read and Write Latency explained
  • 51:38DDR4 bursts measurements
  • 55:00Setting up an automatic / compliance DDR4 interface test
  • 1:01:32Explaining DDR4 test results
  • 1:06:23Running a DDR4 compliance test
  • 1:11:18Understanding and interpreting DDR4 test results - example
  • 1:17:07What probes and oscilloscope to use to measure DDR4
  • 1:19:06DDR probing techniques