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How To Learn PCB Design (My Thoughts, Journey, and Resources) - Phil's Lab #87

Recommendations on how to approach learning PCB and hardware design, including my journey, thoughts on university courses, IPC CID, ECAD tools, and resource tips.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:24Why Learn PCB Design (Unlocking New Electronics)
  • 03:52Why Learn PCB Design (Career)
  • 04:47Problems With University Courses
  • 05:37My Initial PCB Design Journey
  • 09:01Key point: Learn by doing and challenge yourself!
  • 10:14Open-Source Hardware
  • 11:16Get Your PCBs Manufactured!
  • 12:02Thoughts on IPC and IPC CID
  • 13:08ECAD Tools (KiCad, Altium Designer, ...)
  • 14:04Beginner PCB Design PDF Tutorial
  • 14:37Design Reviews
  • 15:56YouTube and Courses (Robert Feranec, Phil´s Lab)
  • 16:39Rick Hartley (Videos, Books)
  • 18:02Outro