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How To Get Your PCB Manufactured & Assembled - Phil's Lab #94

Data needed to get a PCB manufactured and assembled, how to generate that information and those files. Gerber files, stack-up/controlled impedance information, bill of materials (BOM), pick and place file (CPL), as well as assembly drawings. Including walkthrough of the PCB ordering process.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:47Example PCBs
  • 02:28Checks
  • 03:07Make Sure You Have Inventory Stock
  • 03:47Choice & Capabilities of Manufacturer/Assembler
  • 07:29Gerber Files
  • 10:49Checking Gerber Files (CAM Viewer)
  • 12:54Additional Manufacturing Info (e.g. Controlled Impedance, Stack-Up)
  • 18:17Manufacturer Feedback (Adjusted Trace Widths, Adjusted Stack-Up)
  • 19:40Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • 22:37Pick and Place File (CPL)
  • 24:22Eurocircuits Assembly Checker Tool
  • 25:38Assembly Drawings
  • 28:51Create Assembly Drawings with Altium Designer Draftsman
  • 31:45Placing an Order with Assembly
  • 34:28Outro