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How To Design and Manufacture Your Own Chip

Step by step designing a simple chip and explained how to manufacture it.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:20How does it work
  • 09:32Steps of designing a chip
  • 19:00How anyone can start
  • 24:35Analog to Digital converter (ADC) design on silicon level
  • 29:38R2R Digital to Analogue converter (DAC)
  • 34:31Simulating comparator
  • 40:40About Layout of Pat's project
  • 48:28Starting a new project
  • 50:09Drawing schematic
  • 54:45Simulating schematic
  • 1:10:05Preparing for layout
  • 1:13:40Doing layout
  • 1:26:56Simulating layout
  • 1:30:36Steps after layout is finished
  • 1:35:14Generating the manufacturing file
  • 1:38:50How to upload your project for manufacturingWhat
  • 1:43:18Where to order your chip and board
  • 1:44:35What Tiny Tapeout does
  • 1:51:33About Pat