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Brilliant Engineering Behind AirPods

What is inside of AirPods?
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:26What is inside of AirPods
  • 18:54Patents
  • 21:49How to search for patents
  • 27:23Writing requirements for Audio product
  • 32:21The whole PCB
  • 34:28PCB details
  • 37:43Acoustic basics
  • 41:57Acoustic model
  • 46:06Ear simulator
  • 51:21Electro-Acoustic analogy
  • 53:48Acoustic components in AirPod
  • 1:02:12Why not to do all acoustic in DSP?
  • 1:05:58Active noise cancellation
  • 1:14:15How to design acoustic components
  • 1:16:27Simulating acoustic components
  • 1:20:41Influence of leakage
  • 1:23:21AirPod Clone
  • 1:25:21MEMS Microphones
  • 1:28:56Other MEMS sensors
  • 1:30:23About Markus
  • 1:33:48Total Harmonic Distortion