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FPGA/SoC + DDR PCB Design Tips - Phil's Lab #59

FPGA/SoC with DDR3 memory PCB design overview, basics, and tips for a Xilinx Zynq-based System-on-Module (SoM).
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:30System Overview
  • 02:37Power Supplies (Schematic)
  • 03:50Power Supplies (PCB)
  • 06:33Vias as Test Points
  • 07:04Layer Stack-Up
  • 08:55Impedance Calculation and Via Types
  • 10:22GND Layers and Power Distribution
  • 13:30BGA and Decoupling Layout
  • 16:12Routing, Colours, Packag Delays, and Time Matching
  • 22:00DDR Termination
  • 23:110.5mm Pad Pitch Tip
  • 24:18Final Tips