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FPGA + PCIe Hardware Accelerator Design Walkthrough (DDR3, M.2, ..) - Phil's Lab #82

Walkthrough of FPGA-based (Xilinx Artix 7) PCIe hardware accelerator in an M.2 form-factor (e.g. for laptops, computers) including DDR3 memory, quad buck converter, controlled impedance, assembly documentation, and more!
  • 00:00Overview (1)
  • 01:32Overview (2)
  • 04:26Power Supply
  • 09:09FPGA Power and Decoupling
  • 14:18FPGA Configuration
  • 15:01FPGA Banks
  • 16:06DDR3 Memory
  • 21:57PCIe (MGT Transceivers)
  • 25:01Assembly Documentation (Draftsman)
  • 25:55Manufacturing Files
  • 27:16Outro