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Flight Control System Design: Hardware and PCB Design with KiCAD - Phil's Lab #1

First part of a series of videos on the design of a complete flight control system from scratch (hardware, software, control and navigation algorithms, base station, etc.).

I go through the necessary steps to design the hardware, including choosing components, schematic design, layout, routing, and testing.

I designed the PCB with KiCAD and had the boards manufactured and assembled by PCBWay.
  • 00:00Quick look at hardware
  • 00:06Introduction
  • 01:05Aims
  • 02:14Prototype
  • 02:43Requirements
  • 04:12Block Diagram
  • 06:37Creating the schematic
  • 09:06Picking the physical parts
  • 11:00PCB layout
  • 12:37Routing
  • 14:21Preparation for production
  • 15:14Testing the hardware
  • 16:54Next steps for flight control system design
  • 18:42Schematic
  • 19:48Final layout
  • 20:23PCB sectioning
  • 22:25Important PCB areas (e.g. oscillators)
  • 24:08High current traces
  • 24:44Routing order and stitching vias
  • 25:25First hardware tests