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CAN Bus is Simple and Actually Really Cool | Explained by Ken Tindell

After watching this video you may be considering CAN for your next project. Thank you very much Ken.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:25About CAN bus
  • 03:11Hardware setup and CAN boards used in this video
  • 05:27CAN termination and cable
  • 10:19How to use CAN in your own system
  • 12:18MCP2518 CAN controller
  • 13:08CAN Signals
  • 17:07CAN Identifier
  • 21:11CAN implementation in a system
  • 23:33Handling errors in CAN bus
  • 30:02Getting data based on request - remote frame
  • 32:18Software setup
  • 33:57Using microPython to communicate over CAN bus
  • 39:44About CAN timestmaps
  • 43:48CAN priority explained
  • 49:46Tools to debug CAN bus
  • 55:01What Ken does, CAN bus security
  • 1:06:00Signal vs Reflections
  • 1:11:36CAN bus baudrate
  • 1:14:41Are there CAN standards?