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Audio EQ Software Implementation (STM32) - Phil's Lab #89

Peaking filter theory and real-time implementation on an STM32 microcontroller. Useful for audio equalizers (EQ) and situations where frequency response adjustments are required.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:19Hardware Overview + Tag-Connect
  • 04:01Peaking Equalizer Filter Basics
  • 06:59Transfer Function (Analogue Prototype)
  • 09:12Matlab Demo (Varying Parameters)
  • 10:56Discretisation (Analogue to Digital)
  • 13:23Filter Difference Equation
  • 14:24Filter Coefficients
  • 15:19Pre-Warping
  • 16:41Implementation Tips
  • 18:03Software Implementation (STM32)
  • 25:08Test Set-Up
  • 26:17Frequency Response Tests (Varying Parameters)
  • 28:56Audio Demo
  • 29:13Outro