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Arduino + Raspberry Pi = OpenRex, the open source project

OpenRex boards arrived and booted up to Linux GUI! In the coming weeks we will release the complete Altium project for everyone.

This is our biggest and the most complex open source project. We not only plan to create the HW, but we plan to do a lot of software and documentation around it. I hope, you will helps us as we really do need help with software!
Arduino Raspberry Pi OpenRex
We have a list of almost hundred examples which we would like to try on this board. Here are which I like the most:
  • Run ATARI like games on the microcontroller. I would like to create some special drivers which would run on iMX6 and which would enable the on board microcontroller to use HDMI monitor output. It could be used to program the old “ATARI” like games … including using Joystick – just for fun
  • Wifi Netflix server for my TV, including IR remote support
  • Internet Radio
  • Email Notificator – for every new incoming Email (LED + SOUND)
  • Oscilloscope / Logic analyser
  • A Robot