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Altium Designer 22 Tutorial – Quick & Easy | Step by Step

After this tutorial you will know how to start designing your own boards in Altium Designer 2022 . For everyone who would like to learn Altium and also for everyone who has never ever designed any boards, but would like to learn how to do it. Enjoy!
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 00:29What you will learn
  • 01:35** Starting a new project **
  • 03:32Creating a component in Altium - Header
  • 05:45Drawing a schematic symbol in Altium
  • 09:43Creating resistor schematic symbol
  • 10:20How to import schematic symbol to Altium
  • 14:30Creating LED schematic symbol
  • 17:51** Drawing schematic in Altium **
  • 20:50Creating footprints in Altium - Resistor footprint
  • 24:47Adding 3D model to footprint
  • 27:24Adding Assembly Drawing layer
  • 30:10Creating footprint for LED
  • 35:54Creating Header footprint
  • 45:10How to download and import footprint to Altium
  • 47:53Adding footprint to schematic symbol
  • 49:57Annotating schematic in Altium
  • 50:47Check if there are no errors in schematic
  • 51:01Disable rooms during PCB udpate
  • 51:30Importing Schematic into PCB
  • 51:51** Starting PCB **
  • 52:41Changing board shape
  • 53:45Setup PCB Stackup in Altium
  • 54:11Setting up Rules in Altium
  • 55:21Placing components into PCB
  • 56:22Routing PCB in Altium
  • 1:00:26Editing Schematic and importing the changes into existing PCB
  • 1:03:34Improving Overlay / Silkscreen layer
  • 1:04:45Adding Board Outline layer
  • 1:05:33Assembly drawing layers in PCB
  • 1:06:36Editing footprint and importing changes into existing PCB
  • 1:08:233D model of our board
  • 1:08:52Checking and fixing errors / violations on PCB in Altium
  • 1:11:54** Generating outputs for manufacturing **
  • 1:12:28Printing schematic into PDF
  • 1:13:41Generating 3D PDF of our board
  • 1:14:45Exporting 3D model ( STEP file ) of our board
  • 1:17:22Printing specific PCB layers into PDF
  • 1:19:11Printing to PDF in scale 1:1 from Altium
  • 1:20:42Printing Assembly Drawing layers into PDF
  • 1:22:36Generating Pick and Place file
  • 1:23:34Generating Gerber files
  • 1:26:01Generating NC Drill files
  • 1:27:20Generating BOM ( Bill of Material )
  • 1:33:16Download finished project
  • 1:33:40Online courses to learn about electronics