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iMX6 IOMUX.exe, Altium Component pin editor and NetNames

millensg , 08-17-2016, 01:10 PM

I am finding that when I export data from NXPs/Freescale IOMUX.exe tool, for importing into excel, it uses its original pin Name/Description and not the selected Mux function name. I am trying to make sure the MUx file, Altium Pin Name and Net Names are all the same to make sure Configuration and identification match. This is also to ensure Net names match and describe what they do.

Should Mux pin names and net names match their original function or their assigned function in Altium component pin editor/schematic?

Should Mux pin names and Net names be the same?

If Mux pin assignments should describe their assigned function and not their original function, does anyone know how to do this from the IOMUX.exe tool?

Its just that the iomux.exe is also used for the firmware / registers so it is quite important.

Many Thanks

robertferanec , 08-19-2016, 12:00 PM
Oh, I can not really help with this, I will ask Martin, he was working with IOMUX. However, we always prefer to list ALL alternate functions / features in the schematic symbol as it makes life much easier. Many times you will want to know alternate functions from the schematic and if they are not listed, you always need to go to datasheet.
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