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How to Save as Hole Project for other purpose

Dhaval N Tailor , 05-23-2021, 11:08 AM
Hello Sir. I am a beginner in PCB designing using Altium. I have question regarding Duplicate the hole project. Actually i have to make a copy of existing project with little modification. Is it possible to save as hole project with schematic & PCB layout? because when i had done it there is lot of issues are generated and some files are overwrite. So please if possible make video on same problem.
robertferanec , 05-24-2021, 02:32 AM
Simplest way:
Copy all the files into a different directory, rename the project name

You can also try:
Project -> Project Packager ... this will pack everything together and you can open it in different directory and rename it to a different project
Dhaval N Tailor , 05-24-2021, 02:56 AM
Thanks Robert for your quick response. I will check.
Dhaval N Tailor , 05-25-2021, 06:14 AM
Hello lorenso. Actually I have to make second PCB with small modification in first PCB layout. I need both the PCB layout. Because both have their unique application. So how I can copy the first PCB project so second PCB project i can design with less effort.
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