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CSI2 interface and LVDS interface

nikhil2402 , 09-02-2019, 06:26 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am finding it quite confusing to understand the differences between CSI2 and LVDS interface. Could anyone explain what these are and how they should be used in a system? Voltage swings, layout details etc would be helpful for me.

Particularly for my application, I am using FPGA and a sensor. The sensor provides data over CSI2 interface. I am not sure if I can directly connect the CSI2 pins of sensors to the FPGA pins?

In my previous applications, I had an ADC that provide data over LVDS interface and I could connect the ADC LVDS data pins to FPGA pins (ofcourse making sure the bank of the FPGA is powered with a correct voltage to enable LVDS swings).

Now with the new CSI2 interface for my application I am totally confused how to interface this with FPGA and thus I would be very happy to know more about this.

Thanks in advance
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