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Porblem with copper planes and paste layer

barakg , 12-22-2018, 02:57 PM
Hello all,

I have finished design my first PCB and I would like to fabricate it.

I have generated ODB++ files to send it to manufacture and I have found that the solder paste, bottom and top layers are not the same as I did when I was created footprints.
for example, the first picture shows the footprint of LDO at the PcbLib files and the second image shows the paste at PcbDoc.

also, my board is 4 layers PCB. the 2nd layer is ground plane and the 3rd later is split power plane.
Why I dont see the via holes on the power and ground planes when It has connection?
for example, the 3rd image shows the 3v3 power plane. as you can see the 3v3 via is "connected" but I don't see a hole in the gerber file.
when I look at the ground plane layer I see the hole of the 3v3 via.
How can I fix it?

Thank you very much!

robertferanec , 12-25-2018, 08:39 AM
1) solder paste - that looks to me like something is wrong maybe in design itself. Check solder paste layer directly in your CAD system (looks like Altium? )
2) if a via is connected to a plane, you will not see holes in copper. They simply drill through it - so what you see is correct (you may want to consider use thermal relief on some nets, e.g. GND planes)
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