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SRAM track length

dramos , 03-08-2018, 05:11 AM
Hi to all,

It is the first time I have to work with a ASYNC SRAM of Cypress, CY7C1041GN30-10ZSXI. and my question is if the data and address tracks should have the same length.
I have seen of one of the Robert's videos about Altium and tracks length that the tolerance used on memories is 10mils. Should I have to use the same values? where I can check it?

Many tahnks for your help.


robertferanec , 03-10-2018, 12:06 PM
Length matching is not always so strict. I do not know what is speed of your SRAM, but you can get some ideas for example from this document: https://www.picmg.org/wp-content/upl...2013-12-06.pdf

Here is example of PCI length matching requirement:
dramos , 03-22-2018, 04:39 PM
Dear Robert,

First of all, sorry for the late reply I have been a little bit sick during the last days.

Well, after reading many application docs about routing memories I found the next one in Cypresss

and after reading it really carefully I realized that perhaps it was not so important if you do the things with a little bit care and love.

The memory I am using has not as strict spec as you showed. Well I did not find something like this. That is the reason why I say that care and love are the best key ingredient for a nice pcb.(in my case)

Many thanks to all,
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