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How to view full component body/outline?

miner_tom , 12-06-2016, 10:08 AM
I am going through the Layout portion of the Advanced layout course. I noticed that in your video, at around 1 hour, you show a board with selected components where the full body is shown and filled in with a pinkish color (not sure which color it is but it is not important). I have attached a view of that layout. However, after I have followed the directions for moving the components and deleting the layout, I noticed that my component bodies are not displayed, only the parts of the body (holes, pins, etc). My display was probably always like that but I just did not notice. I have also attached a picture of this. Going through all of the documentation, I can not find a way to make the whole body visible. I expect that this includes the keepout.

Also, if I might add, I can not simply select components the way that you do in the video. I must select by touching one of the parts of the component (pad, pin, etc) or select the component by including it inside an area.

I expect that the two problems that I am having are related.

Thank You
robertferanec , 12-06-2016, 06:37 PM
Try to enable all the layers. Click on the LS button and select "All Layers" (see the picture):

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