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JohnsonMiller , 10-13-2016, 03:50 AM
Hi Guys,

I know component marking, resistor in particular, is helpful during test & debug of board, recently I noticed that Panasonic is not printing marking on their 1% 0603 resistor!!!! Realy I do not understand this, why such a company is acting in this way. While Yaego does print marking, do you have any experience and recommendation? Is there any possibility to know this kind of info prior ordering?

robertferanec , 10-14-2016, 06:56 AM
Hmm, maybe they mention it in datasheet? I learned to live without marking.

Usually it is fine, only problem it is ... when there is a problem In my carrier, we have had couple of boards with over thousands of components where we had to remove each component one-by-one and measure the value of resistor or capacitor. Everything just because of something went wrong in production (e.g. 10nF capacitor fitted instead of 10pF capacitor). But normally this doesn't happen and marking is not as important as it may look.
JohnsonMiller , 10-15-2016, 02:15 PM
Robert I agree with you that in production it looks no need, but as I said in test and debug marking is very helpful,
I went through datasheet as well as distributor site, but not have a dependable clue which make me sure that component will come with marking, last time we ordered huge amount of resistor mostly from Panasonic, but all were without marking, however a resistor from Vishay came with standard 1% marking;
Question is how we can chose component or part number to make sure that parts will have marking, as I learned we cannot trust images from distributors,
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