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What kind of simulation tool?

Max , 07-11-2021, 02:32 AM
Hell all,
The purpose if this topic is ti collect as many as possible feedbacks from people using pcb simulation tools.

A short intro- we used to design our products in Mentor environment, but for some reasons we switched to Altium. Using Mentor, and performing pre and post layout simulations was more than easy I have to say. As some of you know, the appropriate sim tool, provided from Mentor is the powerful, so colled hyperlynx.
Now as we no longer use the above mentioned tools, we have to find a proper way how to perform simulations, based on ibis models, with as much as possible higher accuracy. I have already checked SI tool provided by Altium, but honestly was not supprised at all.

So, guys, would you share here your experience, what tool for sch. & pcb, simulations, you are using, how you manage simulation tasks, how good they are, whatever...

robertferanec , 07-12-2021, 01:44 AM
We were discussing similar topic here:
To the best of my knowledge three major tools exist for SI, 1) Mentor Hyperlynx, 2) Cadence Sigrity, 3) CST; - Do you want to add another tool to the list?- Among them, which do you prefer for your board analysis?- I am personally a Hyperlynx user, but it is not that easy to work.- Along with SI and PI, can we expect these
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