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electron , 07-06-2020, 06:31 AM
Hi Robert,

I watched your video on YouTube published on 25 June 2020 ,regarding Application Note of Intel Altera FPGA.

I have question about StackUP In Figure 11. Of that application note.

Why they matched trace width of single ended & differential trace width ?

Is it necessary ? What's the reason behind it ?

Please see attached image of that figure.
robertferanec , 07-06-2020, 09:01 AM
Many times, differential pairs are just like two single ended tracks - just running opposite signals. So, when routing diff pairs, often you may want to follow the recommended single ended impedance (e,g, 50-55 OHMS) for negative and positive tracks, but together they should follow recommended differential pair impedance e.g. Differential 100 OHMS, Differential 90 OHMS, etc ... Is that answering your question?
electron , 07-07-2020, 06:41 AM
Oh, Yes.
That answered my question.
Good to know
Thanks Robert.
electron , 07-09-2020, 04:52 AM
Hi Robert,
Can you refer any documentation regarding this topic?
Do you follow this rule in your design practice?

robertferanec , 07-13-2020, 05:05 AM
yes, I try to have individual signals of differential pairs routed with 50OHM impedance (or close to it as it is not always possible). Maybe this can help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG0Apol-oj0
electron , 07-13-2020, 05:31 AM
Thank you Robert for your valuable time & info.
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