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About DVI-I signals and ESD

Roky , 12-17-2019, 08:59 AM
Hi everybody
In the schematic of voipack baseboard, in the DVI-I sheet,
there is no connection to 5V for the protection diodes on DVI-I signals
going output to the connectior. Is it correct? Why are there "No ERC" simbols on the power supply of the BGX50AE6327 ICs ?
..maybe some zener diodes are missing !?

thank you very much
Paul van Avesaath , 12-18-2019, 01:20 AM
i dont think it is needed for differential usage.
different device but with more details in the datasheet..
I guess, the same way it was connected also on the reference board which was used to design VOIPAC baseboard - and I guess, that is the reason why it is connected that way. There was probably a reason why they did not connect it in the original reference board, but I am not sure why.

For today's designs, if you are not sure, the best is to choose ESD chips specific for the interface you need to protect (many chips directly say - use for LVDS, HDMI, USB, etc). Otherwise you can use a generic ESD protection (which may be cheaper), but then be sure to check influence of that protection on signals and passing all the validation and tests.

PS: I personally go with reference schematic or ESD protection chips for specific interface or with something what we used in past projects and we know it works ok.
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