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PCB designer job role

ZsoltFulop , 11-23-2020, 08:50 AM
I have a question maybe it`s an unusual one but I hope somebody can explain to me:
I am currently working in an electronic manufacturing company(UK) as an AOI programmer(so have already seen different parts,and their details,Gerber files and their layers),and would like to see through things about PCB designer job roll, before I really get on.
I would like to know the job role of a PCB designer, what is start of the job role?
How do they get the information what they need.Do they have to invent the whole circuit, or do they get the part lists as shown in the video,and just draw the other bits around it?
I am not sure if it will show in the later videos with more information,I hope to have clarification what extra I need to learn in the future.
Many thanks
qdrives , 11-23-2020, 10:45 AM
Well, "it depends" (quoting Eric Bogatin).
Some products are more a combination of various 'standard' blocks like CPU, memory, power supply, output, etc. Even the part numbers are in those blocks.
With products on the other extreme end, the circuit is (almost) entirely custom. Sure, most of the circuits are similar to ones found on the internet, but it is only the functionality that is copied.
Naturally the latter requires much more knowledge of circuits then the fist, but both are daunting when you start.
robertferanec , 11-28-2020, 02:32 AM
When you say a PCB Designer, I imagine a person who does PCB layout.

This means, they will create a PCB outline, import all the components, place the components on PCB, connect them by routing tracks and generate manufacturing information needed to manufacture that PCB. The schematic (definition what pins are connected where) would be done by someone else. The PCB Designer can also create footprints (based on datasheets they create the place where component will be soldered down - footprint).

Theoretically, they do not need to understand schematic (I have seen people doing layout without understanding the circuit) and theoretically they do not even need to know electronics (I have seen people with no electronics understanding doing layout). That may somehow work for simple boards, but for more complex or advanced designs, the PCB Designers need to understand what they are doing - means not only understand some level of the schematic, but understand also electronics and the physics behind signal travelling and power distribution on PCBs.

Still .. I have seen people who do not understand electronics or not experienced people doing layout of advanced boards, but they would needed to be guided by someone experienced.

I am not sure if that answers your question.

PS: I many companies, schematic & pcb is done by the same person, so in many companies they do not have specific PCB Designer role, but it is combined with Schematic design, testing, firmware development, etc ....
ZsoltFulop, 11-30-2020, 09:27 AM
Yes this is a perfect explanation to me, Thank you very much!
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