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High Speed Peripherals Testing IMX6

Erdem35 , 02-21-2022, 06:00 AM
Hello Robert,

I was studying the NXP IMX6 design that you shared open source in your website.
As I see it has several high speed interfaces such as PCIE,SATA,HDMI etc.

After you manufacture the pcb assembly with all components soldered on top. How would you test those peripherals whether they function correctly or not? Would you use special test fixtures or some other measurement devices ?

Lets say you wanna test the full performance of PCIE to determine the bandwidth of our system ? What kind of test setup you use ?

robertferanec , 02-24-2022, 05:43 AM
Here is an example we did on iMX6Rex which has PCIE slot, but you can do similar tests with Mini PCIE (e.g. buy a PCIE ethernet card):
Erdem35 , 02-25-2022, 03:04 PM
Thanks I have also look at it and I will give it a try but I need to find a pcie-ethernet card which can go upto full speed of Pcie gen 3/gen 4.
Also have you done crosstalk simulations of DDR,Pcie after length matching in Altium ?Like acquiring IBIS models to create eye diagrams via importing ODB++ files to a software such as Hyperlynx, Sigrity ?
If you have done that , can you help me to reach those simulations to get an idea?
Because if I use Imx6 rex open source files as baseline, customized other boards will need those analysis right ?
robertferanec , 02-26-2022, 01:51 AM
DDR3 simulations for iMX6:
How To Do DDR3 Memory PCB Layout Simulation - Step by Step Tutorial

DDR4 simulations for iMX8:
Setting Up DDR4 Memory Simulation | ADS | with Vandana Wylde

Erdem35 , 02-28-2022, 12:59 PM
Hello Robert ,
these videos were really helpful and I understand the DDR part. Did you also do the similar for hdmi-mipi, or Gigabit ethernet and find IBIS models for those ICs ? Do you think it is necessary to create eye diagram via simulation of SystemSI tool for those interfaces of carrier board ?
robertferanec , 03-04-2022, 04:49 AM
I have never done it for that interfaces.

PS: However, I am working on videos how to measure and validate the interfaces .. starting with USB, then Ethernet, maybe also HDMI ....
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