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Altium for the beginner course

paulo.lopes , 10-22-2015, 05:49 AM
Hi, I'm just getting started to register and buy the begginer classes.

My question is: which version of Altium I need to use to complete the courses? Where to find it?

robertferanec , 10-22-2015, 07:31 AM
Hi Paulo,

you can use any Altium.

- Learn Altium Essentials is about the basics - features available in almost all the Altium versions.
- The Advanced courses are about hardware designs & PCB layout. In some parts of the videos I do use special Altium related features, but even if you use a different CAD system, you still will be able to learn a lot. You just may need to figure out how to do certain things in your CAD system.

The best way to get Altium is contact your local Altium supplier and ask for 30 day evaluation version. Just do not activate the licence immediately, watch the course videos first.

- Robert
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