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Adnane ALOUCH , 11-27-2022, 05:13 AM
Hello Mr Feranec I Hope you are well.
My name is Adnane I am a engineet student.
I am one of your followers I really like your videos.
Mr Feranec I am intressted by electronics and programmation.
Can you give some advices to be master in electronics, also in Hardware design.

If you have resources about that can you share it with me.
Thank you.​
Paul van Avesaath , 12-01-2022, 01:40 AM
hi adnane,

sorry i am not robert, but some advice i can give is
find a project that you really like, even if it is way above your head.. start working on it.. reading about it,,,, asking questions.. on why do they do this or that.
eventually you will get stuck but keep on going.. keep asking questions.

by doing this you will learn what questions to ask and what skill you are missing.. there is no such thing as a bad question.. the only wrong question is the one that you did not ask.
then you have a way forward..

the internet is full of people explaining how they do things.. so youtube and google are very helpfull in learining new skills.

good luck!!
robertferanec , 12-05-2022, 03:31 AM
@Adnane ALOUCH thank you. You can find number of answers on this forum. This may help: https://designhelp.fedevel.com/forum...areer-guidance
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