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abdelkarim , 08-23-2021, 07:08 AM
Hello ,
I recently recieved my board and i should soldering components. Please do you recommand that i started with the cpu soldering or i should let it to the end of soldering?
Paul van Avesaath , 08-25-2021, 05:36 AM
always start with the biggest components.
robertferanec , 08-25-2021, 07:57 AM
There are at least two factors what you may want to consider:
- Space: To solder some components you may need space (so you don't want to have components around them) or the other words, some components may block access to easily solder other components (you may want to fit these components at the end)
- Heat: Some components may need more heat to solder them e.g. BGAs so maybe solder these first, because you will not be then heating already soldered components around them.

Tip: Tall components sometimes make it hard to have your board flat under microscope, maybe solder them at the end (e.g. connectors)

Often, this is the approximate order: BGAs, other chips (from the biggest to smallest), passives, connectors. However sometimes you may want to fit your components in the order how you would like to test the board (e.g. power supply, main chip, peripherals, ...)
qdrives , 08-27-2021, 02:38 PM
Contrary to Paul, I always start with the smallest components. Generally the small ones (resistors and capacitors) are the cheapest too, so helps the practice.
Do keep the space issue Robert mentioned in mind.
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