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abdelkarim , 07-06-2021, 03:58 AM
Hello , i'm working on a board that should support 24 V/ 8A so please can someone help me how i can fix the tarck width to support 24V/ 8 A ?
qdrives , 07-06-2021, 04:50 PM
Use the PCB toolkit. You can get PCB toolkit here: https://saturnpcb.com/saturn-pcb-toolkit/

For the spacing (voltage) go to the "min conductor spacing" tab. For 24V, type A6, you need 0.25mm.
Do note that this spacing is limited to less then 3000m above sea level.

For the current go to the "conductor properties" tab. Current capabilities depend on a lot of things:
- Copper thickness
- Plane (and thickness of it)
- Distance to plane
The current carrying capability is mostly defined by the temperature rise that you allow.
A 2.3mm wide trace, 0.32mm above a plane with 35um (base) copper (18um plating) will rise 20C for 8.1A
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