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aykutarab , 03-31-2021, 03:37 AM
Hello Fedevel Community,

I'm an Electronics Engineer from Turkey. I have a very big eager in the hardware design area. I've worked as a Electronics Engineer at a Underwater Robotics Company. And decided to leave there according to underdevelopment of learning. I've got 3 years of Altium experience, I've worked with 2 layer PCB designs. But our designs' main focus was on electromechanical design. We were using open source Hardware-Software platforms and implementing some basic Arduino codes ( PWM filtering etc. ) on those boards. Beside that I've designed some power boards. But on those boards we were also using BCM or PFC modules. So I believe that I don't have much experience in embedded board design ( ICs and analog design ). I love Altium and electronics so, I am trying to develop myself in this area during my job search. Currently I'm watching Robert Ferenac's daily desing tips and other videos on Youtube (beside that EEVBlog's videos also) and that gives me a lot of hints thanks for that. So my question is does Fedevel's Advanced HW Design course help me with my point? Or do you have any other suggestions about my development?

p.s. I don't have any idea about the forum since I am a newbie in Fedevel community so I posted this message to Robert's Linkedin inbox (I thought I didn't get an answer since his busy schedule 😀 ). He answered me very quickly and told me to post it to forum so other guys can benefit from the answers which is a good idea.

Best regards,

Aykut Arabacıoğlu
robertferanec , 03-31-2021, 05:50 AM
If you would like to learn, I recommend to work on your own project (or contribute to an existing one). That is the best way to learn and that is a great reference what you can use when you will be looking for a better job.

Some time ago I created this video, it may help:
- Can You Be a Great SCH & PCB Layout Engineer? How? https://youtu.be/i8TLB34p_qo
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