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Didan , 02-01-2019, 06:04 AM
Dear forum, Im working on a project of a POS "point of sale" machine. Im design whole shematic from DragonBoard410c and after had finished library components im doing schematic and I have some doubts about how to interpret well somethings here. First one, I wanna know if is possible to "break line" for a value field of a component. I attached images comparing. First I have resistor of 200R 1% 0.050W wrote in line and wanna break like 200R / 1% / 0.050 each parameter under other, but dont wanna do it using text cause gonna spend lot of time. thats schematic have 34 pages os schematic... it s illustrated on scr1 and scr2.png files. Second doubt is about isolated gnd attached on scr3.png file. how can I place it in Altium? It is possible or exist? Third, scr4.png file about circuitry shield I searched for 50-R1732-1 from Faspro and didnt understand how to place it in Altium and what is it. I had results from google for it but what it means ? Someone know? Last doubt, what are differences between arrow on scr5.png file. 1 arrow in altium is arrow style power port but second one with double arrows I dont know what it means. I need help please =D
Paul van Avesaath , 02-06-2019, 12:46 AM
dont know about the first text question.. you should try it with one component and see what happens (and let us know)

the isolated GND thing.. Altium does not have a dedicated symbol for it.. but you can make you own (As a schematci symbol only with hidden net name) . or use the standard symbols that are available and give them a netname like GND_ISO or somehithing like it..

with regards to the shield thing.. it looks like a schielding box that you place over some components for EMI reasons.. usually they have a footprint also.. so get that data from the company and make the footprint and place as normal.. (you might have to edit some rule in the design since altium does not like it when you place components over each other )
the double arrows vs single arrows.. usually that indicates me that some signals are bidirectional and others are either input or output.. should be the case here..

good luck!
robertferanec , 02-06-2019, 12:02 PM
I just would like to add to @Paul van Avesaath answer. In scr1 and scr2 symbol parameters are usually done through ... parameters. So when you create schematic symbol, you add custom parameters and you show them together with symbol for example tolerance, footprint, voltage, etc
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